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Times of Truth and Justice is a turn-based strategy game. 

The world sometimes seems like a grim place with violent crimes and injustice. We are here to solve that! We are looking for local heroes. 

In this game you play as a hero who goes through recent crime reports in a newspaper, here you will be presented with several quests. You can choose which quest to take up i.e. which crimes to fight. In the meantime, you have to also look at your stats and bars and make sure you are alive and doing a good job. 

The combat part is turn based and in each quest you will be facing different enemies. 

Oh and the whole game is made on Microsoft Excel. 

Note on Excel: When you start the project, enable macros and avoid forcefully changing tabs or play with options/ numbers/ variables out of turn. Follow the game-flow please! 

Note on BYOG 2019 (Using the theme): The theme presented was “To know what is right and choose to ignore it is the act of a coward.” My interpretation of this was: when you are presented with choices and responsibilities,  you sometimes will take up the "coward's" way.  Sometimes on the player's journey, to survive they will take unethical quests to save themselves and to continue working as a hero. 

Some quests might be moral right while others might be tactfully correct. 
The trick is a compromise. Yes, you choose to ignore what is right, but is that the act of a coward or a responsible hero?
Will you take a villains approach for a chance at surviving? Would you take a bad deal for a good ending?

Does knowing and ignoring the right thing for self-preservation or the greater good make you a coward?

Install instructions

Download the excel file. 

Open it and enable macros. 

I haven't tested this on different versions so if there are any bugs or issues let me know! 



Times of Truth and Justice BYOG 2019.xlsm 211 kB


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Hey I played every game made for the BYOG19 game jam, that had a windows build. Your game is one of them! Check it out!


Thank you so much for the feedback! I really appriciate it:D

Not everyone has Microsoft Excel, is there any other way this game can be played?

Apologies. It can only be played on MS Excel, it was intended to be that way. 

I can take a video of the game if that is okay? 

Thats the only solution we can think of so far then. Please do.

Hello here is a quick gameplay video: 


Here is another one, played by a friend 

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I am very curious about how was this built. Did you use any tool or is this all custom scripting?

I didn't use any external tools, excel allows scripting using macros and VBA.

I made this using that.